LCS Viewing and the Future

As you may have noticed already, we are changing our habits. We have tried out some LCS Viewing, where we gave you the chance, to watch EU LCS machtes with your friends or some other games from our region.

Sadly, we had only 5 visitors on the first event and nobody came on the second one. We have cancled the third event, caused to no attendance. We are not sure, what the reason for this was. Why have you not been their? Please tell us in the comments!


Past will stay in the past and we are looking forward. We want to make more trys and would be happy to get some input from you. If you know something, you or your friends would have fun to have in the region, feel free to tell us.


Of course we will host the LAN-Party, we have been hosting every year, since 2014, in 2016 again. Ticket sales will start on 1. April where you will get special prices for a specific amount of time. We are looking forward to this. Our current plans for the tournaments are League of Legends 5vs5 , Counter Strike:Global Offensive 5vs5 and Hearthstone 1vs1. Do you have any other wishes or ideas? Feel free to comment!


You wanna play some games with us and have some fun? Join our Teamspeak:

See you soon. Online or Offline.

Your eSport Events Dreiländereck Team

As a founder of eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V. I am proud to lead such an amazing team. Every public viewing, LAN-party or meeting is much more fun with this amazing team we have.

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