341 #3 cancelled

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Hello everyone,
sadly we have to announce that the 341 #3 LAN for this year will be canceled. Unfortunately we did not reach the limit of 80 tickets.
But first of all, we as eSport-Events club will not stop our work, because we love eSports and will continue organize events. The first point on our To-Do List is of course the refunding of all bought tickets and second to finish already started preparations for the LAN so we can use them next time.

We promise there will be another event next year, but the time and place are not defined yet. So stay tuned and visit our website or Facebook for more information.

Nevertheless we want to thank all of you for supporting us and our events. This shows us that there are others like you who have the same passion for gaming and eSports. We don’t know why we had problems with the ticket sale but maybe you know something that didn’t went well or a reason why you didn’t bought a ticket. Tell us your thoughts to help us improving what we are doing so we can make it better next time. You are always welcome on our Teamspeak3 Server (IP: esport-events.org) for talking or gaming with us.

Additionally we would love to say Thank You to all supporters in our club who helped as much as they could. For the next year, we would love to have more people joining us, so we can continue the 341 LAN-Party.

Hope to see you soon,
Your eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V.

As a founder of eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V. I am proud to lead such an amazing team. Every public viewing, LAN-party or meeting is much more fun with this amazing team we have.

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