All Information for 341 #3

341 #3 from 4.11. until 6.11.2016

SAK Altes Wasserwerk 79539  Lörrach Germany (Tumringer Straße 271)

Entrance: Friday 18:00 o’Clock

End: Sunday, 16:00 o’Clock

111 Seats available (20 for participants under 18 years)


Since 40 years SAK is an organisation supporting local work with children and youth of the city Lörrach. It organizes a cultural children, youth and event center in cooperation with Altes Wasserwerk.

SAK Altes Wasserwerk offers a big amount of activities like workshops, sports events, parties, concerts, cinemas, cooking groups, dance training, youth theater and symposium about social topics. The SAK Altes Wasserwerk is located next to the downtown area of Lörrach.

For some impressions, you can find some images here.

Just like last year, you can reserve a bed in a dorm, only this year it won’t be in the form of a VIP ticket, but rather as an extra fee. You can do this while ordering your ticket and choose your room immediately, which can guarantee being in a room with your teammates in case you do not order together.

Entrance Fees

Early Bird: 30€ + Payment Fee (~ 33 CHF )

Normal: 40€ + Payment Fee ( ~ 44 CHF )

Team Area: 45€ + Payment Fee (~ 50 CHF )


As last year, we will have our 200 MBit of Downstream and 50 MBit of Upstream for all players. We have optimized some network aspects, which should lead to an improvement for all players.

What to do next?

  1. Visit Eventbrite
  2. Select your and your friends seat
  3. Select Bed Room if needed
  4. Join the tournaments you want to play
  5. Prepare your stuff and train your skills

Tournaments and Prices

The tournaments will start on Friday 21:00 o’clock.

This years LoL Tournament will start with a minimum of 8 teams. This 8 or more teams will be placed into groups of 4 and playing against all other group members. In the second round, from each group, a first, a second, a third and a fourth placed team will be in the next group, again 4 teams in one group. They will play against each other again. In the third and the final round, all first placed teams from round 2, all second placed teams of round 2, all third placed teams of round 2 and of course all fourth placed teams of round 2 are matched into one group.

Group 1, with all first placed teams of round two are playing for Places 1 to 4, Group 2 for places 5 – 8, Group 3 for places 9 – 12 , Group 4 for places 13 – 16.


With this new concept, each of you will play the whole weekend, and you are not out of matches after the first night.

  • League of Legends 5vs5
    1. 1200 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost
    2. 600 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    3. 400 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    4. 200 RP, 4-Win IP Boost
    5. – 8. 4-Win IP Boost
  • Counter Strike:Global Offensive 5vs5
    1. Place
      • G550M Power Supply by Coolermaster
      • Dynamic Black GP-14 by Fractal Design
      • 10€ Coupon
    2. Place
      • Pitch Pro In-Ear headphones by Coolermaster
      • Dynamic Black GP-12 by Fractal Design
      • 10€ Coupon
    3. Place
      • MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow by Coolermaster
      • 10€ Coupon
  • Rocket League 2vs2
    1. Power Zone | 750W by be quiet!
    2. SilentWings 3 | 120mm PWM by be quiet!
    3. 10€ Coupon
  • Hearthstone 1vs1
    1. Power Zone | 750W by be quiet!
    2. SilentWings 3 | 120mm PWM by be quiet!
    3. 10€ Coupon


We do have four areas: Main Area , U18 Area, Empore and Team Area. You can find the details in the screenshot below



If you face any errors, especially with the team area tickets: Use this link please!
As a founder of eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V. I am proud to lead such an amazing team. Every public viewing, LAN-party or meeting is much more fun with this amazing team we have.

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