Fractal Design sponsors CS:GO tournament

Listen folks, we got it. The prices for our tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are clear to announce.

Fractal Design will sponsor 5 Dynamic Black GP-14 and 5 Dynamic Black GP-12. The team which fights successful through all the tournament matches will earn the Dynamic GP-14, a fan with a size of 140x140x25mm to fit perfecly in your tower case to cool everything down and special features like:
The aerodynamic shape (as you can see in the picture), hydraulic bearings, perpendicular blades and with a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. Also the GP-14 is super silent with only 18.9 dB(A).
The second winner team will get the Dynamic GP-12, a smaller but almost as high-tech fan like the GP-14.

14711666_956476754458949_1032763103239143687_o 14712708_956476757792282_8018024017461260766_o

For more information about the GP-14 and GP-12


Register for the CS:GO tournament here.

We are looking forward to see you at the 341 #3 LAN Party from 4. to 6. November 2016

Get all details to 341 #3 here.


As a founder of eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V. I am proud to lead such an amazing team. Every public viewing, LAN-party or meeting is much more fun with this amazing team we have.

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