341 #3 cancelled

Hello everyone, sadly we have to announce that the 341 #3 LAN for this year will be canceled. Unfortunately we did not reach the limit of 80 tickets. But first of all, we as eSport-Events club will not stop our work, because we love eSports and will continue organize events. The first

All Information for 341 #3

341 #3 from 4.11. until 6.11.2016 SAK Altes Wasserwerk 79539  Lörrach Germany (Tumringer Straße 271) Entrance: Friday 18:00 o'Clock End: Sunday, 16:00 o'Clock 111 Seats available (20 for participants under 18 years) Location Since 40 years SAK is an organisation supporting local work with children and youth of the city Lörrach. It organizes a cultural children, youth and

Seating Plan 341 #3

Ticketcategories Main Area The Main Area is in the main building and as such it is in the middle of everything! The event organizers will be right next to you and the kiosk is not very far. This area is made up of 6 rows of tables on one floor seating up

341 #3 League of Legends Tournament

Just like in the last two years we will be hosting a tournament in League of Legends.But for this year we want to try something special! A new tournament concept. This years LoL Tournament will start with a minimum of 8 teams. This 8 or more teams will be placed into

Teaser 341 #3

Finally the time has come and 341 LAN #3 is coming up. From Friday evening until Sunday noon the SAK Lörrach opens its doors and you can join us. Sign up with your team for one of the professional tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch or feel

Sales for 341 #3 are starting now

Finally the time has come and you can reserve tickets for the upcoming 341 LAN party this year! The presales starts on 02.05.2016 and because there are only 111 tickets available, don't wait any longer with your order. As a small addition, we are happy to provide 50€ coupons from pizza.de for each team,