Sales for 341 #3 are starting now

Finally the time has come and you can reserve tickets for the upcoming 341 LAN party this year! The presales starts on 02.05.2016 and because there are only 111 tickets available, don't wait any longer with your order. As a small addition, we are happy to provide 50€ coupons from for each team,

341 is changing

After hosting the 341 LAN-Party #2 we decided that LAN-Parties are not enough for us. Thats why we started to think big. Dreams came up and we decided to start small, like 2014 with our first LAN-Party in Lörrach! *remaininginthoughts* In the following news we will explain you our ideas and

341 #2 Recap

The second edition of our 341-Lan is part of history now. For a second time, in Lörrach, Baden-Wuerrtemberg, a great many players have met in order to decide who is the best in the games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Shootmania Storm. In CS:GO, the Swiss team „Dräckigi