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The Club eSport Events Dreiländereck e.V. orginated from the previous LAN-Parties, which took place in 2014 & 2015. In the upcoming years there will be even more eSports events.

It’s the goal of the club to support the continuously growing interest in electronic sport and offer interested persons the opportunity to exchange their thoughts with like-minded persons. The club tries to achieve his goals through regular publishing’s  of posts here on the website, the organization of local events e.g. LAN-Parties or viewing parties.

People who are interested in joining the club can fill in a membership application or mail one of the board members.


The club is separated in three member types.

The active members will help to bring an event to life and will actively support those events. The members’ meeting decides over the admittance of potential active members.

The passive members will support the club through membership fees and therefore there will be benefited at club events. An example would be a discount for the clubs’ organized LAN-Parties. Passive members don’t have a right to vote at the members’ meeting.

The supporting members will help at several events of the club. They don’t have the benefits of a passive member and therefore there won’t be charged with any membership fees.


Become a member.