Freddy Team Frederik ‘Fr3ddyF’ Frey
As the founder of the idea to organize a Tri-national LAN party, I am looking forward to create even more local events for gamers. I am taking all the tasks dealing with public relations or project presentation and management. I am working for an IT Company in Weil am Rhein.
Marc ‘Henlo’ Hennemann
Marc Team
Nik Team Nikolas ‘Nik’ Schrieder

I like the concept of working together over borders and get in touch with other people of different countries. I joined the team at the 341 #2 in 2015 and was responsible for all the IT stuff.

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Domi Team Dominik ‘Gr!nD’ S.
Luca ‘e x R’ J. Luca Team
Tami Team Tami ‘Milein’ E.
Felix ‘EGLF’ E. Felix Team

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Vladi Team
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